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Advanced Data Analytics

No AI without IA. In order to create great Artificial intelligence, you need your data foundation in order – your Information Architecture.

You need experts in the scientific method, experimental design, mathematical modeling, simulation,  and optimisation to help you solve your operational, marketing, or  or managerial problems.  We can do that – we’re advanced data analytics experts – but you need more.


We’ll be your collaborative partner to help you take action from your data and analytics insights to deliver measurable business value. We’ll work beside you from idea to implementation to guarantee success.

Combining your data, tools, and teams with our experience and proven methodologies we work together to make the most of your data and analytics assets.

How can I benefit from Advanced Data Analytics?

Predictive Modelling & Segmentation


Prescriptive Analytics


Data Integration



  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI simulates human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. Machine Learning is a computer algorithm that improves automatically through experience and by the use of data.

  • Data management

    How and where you manage your ever-growing pools of data has become more important than ever. Make sure your databases can scale with growth and continue to provide consistent levels of service. This includes:

    - Data Modelling & Design

    - Data Governance & Quality assurance

    - Master Data Management

    - Metadata Management

  • Data Integration

    Consolidating data from disparate sources into a single dataset with the goal of providing users with consistent access and to meet the information needs of all applications and business processes. This includes both ingest and integrate data from source to targets ETL/ELT and to combine Structured & Unstructured Data

    Data Integration
  • Chatbots

    To assist your users a chatbot is a great help. It is software that simulates human-like conversations with users via text messages on chat.

    A great chatbot will:

    - Use existing conversation data to understand the questions people ask.

    - Analyse correct answers to those questions through a ‘training’ period.

    - Use machine learning & NLP to learn context, and continually get better at answering those questions in the future.


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