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Bastian Bresson

Bastian Bresson

Junior Unity Developer

Bastian is the quiet productive type. He focuses on the task in front of him, and completes it in the best way possible. 

He is a very focused guy and he cares about good code ethics. Clean code is kind of buzzword within development, but for Bastian, it is a way of life. When he gets a task, he cracks on and keeps going until it’s solved.

3 (Fun)Facts about
Bastian Bresson

    I have lubed my keyboard switches (gives +20% to programming)
    I'm learning to dance on longboards
    I once ate 1.1 kilograms of spaghetti bolognese. The next day, I ate 1.2 kilograms

Biggest internet achievement?

I earned a total of 220 kr. from streaming League of Legends.

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