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Bela Denes

Bela Denes

Unity Developer

We are not quite certain, if Bela is indeed human or perhaps some sort of vampire. 

So far, he has sunken his teeth into anyone at the office, but on the flipside, he is quite active at night, from Romania and shares the same name as the great Bela Lugosi. But, human or not, one thing is for sure: He is a damn good unity developer, who can make the impossible come true!


3 (Fun)Facts about
Bela Denes

    I'm one of the few programmers that doesn't like coffee
    I have a gene that makes cucumbers and melons taste differently than it does for most people. I dislike them for that reason, they taste like soap
    I never shut down my PC and it's always playing something in the background even when I'm sleeping, a video on YouTube or a live stream on Twitch

Biggest internet achievement?

I used to lead the top clan in Europe (guild of 50 people) for a mobile MMORPG game.
Started playing it because I thought it's a casual mobile game that I can waste some time on while commuting, but even these can get quite competitive with the right player base.

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