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We'll blog about everything tech related, from our own experiences with working with various applications, to projects we are proud of and also philosophical topics. Give it a read and get smarter!
Kundecase: Saxo Bank
11/03 2021

"De er frygtløse, de får tingene gjort - og de hjælper med at realisere vores visioner."


Hos Saxo Bank bruges Moodle e-learning til kurser for ansatte og kunder. Alene til den interne træning gennemfører flere end 1.700 medarbejdere kurser i trading og Saxo Banks eget system. IT-Kartellet har hjulpet med at udvikle platformen, så den i alle detaljer opfylder Saxo Banks vision om et fængende, moderne og effektivt læringsmiljø.



The Smartphone: Everything that is wrong with this world in one device.
09/03 2021

When the first iPhone saw the light of day more than a decade ago, it fundamentally changed both the media landscape, as well as human behavior itself. Genesis: The era of smartphones had begun. Almost 15 years in, it is time to draw some conclusions.


The idea is good, but…

Perhaps the title of this blog is a giant spoiler in itself, if not, here is one: Smartphones are crap! Bear with me to find out why.

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