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Christian Bech Nørhave

Christian Bech Nørhave

Ressource Manager

The man who does not sleep! Christian is the guy, who will send you an email at 03:00 in the morning and has been on the job for hours, while you've been asleep.

His early bird attidue is perhaps a side effect from being a famliy dad, but the benefit of that is, that he is somewhat of a company father as well. Highly skilled and with a broad range of expertise, he is your go to guy, wether you forgot the password to your computer or are trying to solve an enigma. Christian has your back and even if he can't help you, he at least make you laught about it!

Christian joined forces with IT-Kartellet in 2017 and quickly became essential to the company. Not only because of his expertise, but also because he makes some damn good pub quizzes!

3 (Fun)Facts about
Christian Bech Nørhave

    Due to an error after a badminton tournament, I jumped two full ranks. It could not be corrected, so I tried a single tournament more and got completely destroyed.
    I will use way too much time on learning new cooking skills and way too much money on kitchen gadgets
    I only use 9 fingers to type on keyboards, due to a bad american football accident.

Biggest internet achievement?

Mined 32 Bitcoins just at the beginning. But I gave them all away to charity, when they dropped to a total value of 1,37 dollars. Perhaps also my worst internet achievement...

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