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Game Development

At IT Kartellet we offer full-Cycle Game Development. You can reduce the time to market your next game with our tight-knit team and gain instant access to expertise without spending resources on recruitment and training.

We offer development from pre-production to post-launch live ops. We deliver game development for all platforms and target groups, with mobile game development as our specialty.

With our passion and expertise, we make your vision come true and deliver games with the highest quality. Our team has honed their expertise to make sure we always deliver fulfilling and fun experiences. We're here to create great player experiences and make people happy. Nothing less. 

It's important for us to deliver a professional treatment at every step of the development, and interaction. Life is too short for bad relationships and unhappy clients. We're here for long lasting relationships and returning clients.

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    Pre-production is the first step of the project, and it will lay the foundation for the rest of the project. Everything from the project plan, game design, art styles, and gameplay prototypes.​ The game concept is a high-level overview of what the game is going to be. What mechanics, game design, economies, platforms, and so on will be developed.​ Prototype to test technical questions, and prove if it can be done to not. As well as testing if the core mechanics and gameplay will be fun. Sometimes things sound better on paper than they feel in real life.

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    Production is where flesh out Game Design with the story, rules, content, economics, and so on. We focus on flexibility and try to keep things as flexible as possible. Development is ramped up. Additional programmers, artists join the team to ramp up production speed, while ensuring quality stays high. The prototype is scrapped, and a proper foundation is set up to build upon to ensure we scale the architecture correctly from day one.

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    In closed beta, all core mechanics are fleshed out and ready to test. When the game is almost finished, we expand testing to open beta. Focus in this testing phase is user experience and retention. Soft-launch is our last step, where we tweak player retention and monetization in selected markets/countries. When we've reached decided monetization and retention goals we're ready for launch, and will help you through every step.

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    Throughout the game's lifetime, we can provide Live Operations optimizing player retention, monetization, and player experiences. We do this through a mix of small tweaks such as number balancing and optimization, to major updates such as new content, mechanics, and game modes. 


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