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Hamzah Hussain

Hamzah Hussain

Junior Developer

A young gun in development, Hamzah is your man, when a task needs to be done correctly, scalable and on time.

Recruited directly from the school on the opposite side of the Kartel's HQ, Hamzah joined forces with us in 2020. He quickly proved his value, when coding an App to help Henrik getting an overview over his great collection of portwine. Because of that, Hamzah is still to this day trusted with only the most precious projects and does a lot of work for our friends & family at People IT. He is an expert in angular, c# and knows all the best kebab places around the office.

3 (Fun)Facts about
Hamzah Hussain

    I managed to catch a flight with less than 20 min time left to board from the airport entrance (Don't ask me how)
    I wrote a 100 pages technical rapport in a weekend last year of gymnasium (4 people in the group)
    100% achievement in Tekken 6

Biggest internet achievement?

Took advantage of the infamous Just Eat bug to be able to order with cheaper delivery and get access to restaurants that were too far away from home. Unfurtnatly,  the bug has been fixed.

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