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Jesper Hjorth

Jesper Hjorth

Project Lead

Although growing up in the dark void that is Jutland, Jesper gradually expanded his perspective from building treehouses to building IT.

Jesper is one of the newer faces around the Kartel, but ever since he walked in the door, whe knew what has been missing from the company all those years. He loves figuring out what is valuable to other people, infact engaging with people in collectives is what makes him get up in the morning. Organizing complexity, ensuring a solid plan and getting stuff done fills him with joy and he is a great designer as well. In his spare time he is involved in making moonshine and breaking prohibition laws. A perfect match for the Kartel!

3 (Fun)Facts about
Jesper Hjorth

    I sometimes sleepwalk. Unfortunately working isn't part of the routine
    I live with 9 other people
    I've completed Crash Bandicoot 100% more times than I can remember

Biggest internet achievement?

For several years I created a Christmas-Clip-calendar snatching content from other sources. Most of the clips are removed due to copyright-regulations. However a few of them still lives with consistante visitors. Here is one: You rise, you fall, you down, and then you rise again.

Are you our new collegue?

At IT Kartellet, we are always interested in recruiting new, exciting people. We are looking for talent and passion over fancy degrees or titles.

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