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Jiu Tak

Jiu Tak

Junior Developer

Always in a good mood, a natural talent for languages and dedicated to learning new skills: Jiu is just awesome!

She is our junior developer, imported directly from Korea. South, in case you're wondering. She is super motivated, eager to learn new things and just incredibly good at learning danish, despite the fact that the language could perhaps not be more different from her mother tongue.

3 (Fun)Facts about
Jiu Tak

    I have little OCD and do clean a lot
    I barely can do multitasking, except listening music while doing something
    I take a lot of pictures and love to use all kind of different cameras

Biggest internet achievement?

I played MMORPG for five years, but all this time I stayed true to only one character. 

Are you our new collegue?

At IT Kartellet, we are always interested in recruiting new, exciting people. We are looking for talent and passion over fancy degrees or titles.

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