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At IT Kartellet, we are always interested in recruiting new, exciting people. We are looking for talent and passion over fancy degrees or titles.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, then drop us a mail at

Seeking Hunter Sales Person Extraordinaire for IT Kartellet ApS

01/08 2023
5 min
Are you a sales dynamo with a nose for opportunities sharper than a bloodhound on a scent? Do you possess the uncanny ability to charm and persuade even the most elusive prospects?

Junior Frontend Developer

01/08 2023
5 min
Are you a coding whiz with an uncanny ability to turn coffee into clean, beautiful code? Do you dream in React and Angular, with a side of CSS wizardry?

Senior Software Developer PHP

31/07 2023
5 min
Are you a Swiss Army Knife in software development?  Then here are 3 reasons why you should apply for this job right away: Unique opportunity to join a gazelle company in rapid growth

At the Kartel we value

Riveting Development

Experimenting and curiosity

Cozyness and tolerance




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