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Johan Grunnet Buhl

Johan Buhl

Senior Game Designer

Johan is a dedicated problem solver, with a calming voice and a childish mind. That makes him the perfect Senior Game Designer for the Kartel.

Johan is hyper-focused on user experiences and with a great passion for prototyping and excel sheets, he fits the game designer mold perfectly. He tackles all projects heads on, and takes ownership and responsibility from day 1 and ensures, that things get done. We mentioned his childish mind, which is a huge benefit for ensuring, that the games we make are actual fun to play. Johan has the perfect balance of structur & anarchy is thus is one of the strongest assets of our portfolio. 

3 (Fun)Facts about
Johan Buhl

    I hate when I’m on a flight and wake up with a water bottle next to me. Like Oh Great! Now I have to be responsible for this water bottle!
    Self-proclaimed danish champion of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. Prove me wrong!
    I eat my cold bowl with crumbled chamber junks! (Underline crumbled)

Biggest internet achievement?

I had a Klout score of 14.

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