When engaging us as your technical partner, you're offered to tab into a pool of great technical knowhow and people. Our consultants are all highly technical and with a strong connection to our main office, we're ensuring you the ability to pick and choose among the best talent on the marked, for your specific project. With us you won't get a specific person but engage our entire team in order to allow an agile resource allocation with the correct skill set throughout your project.

We've seen far too many times that consultants leave organisations without the proper closure and level of documentation. When the day comes where we have to part, we'll make sure to do this in a proper way, ensuring you that you do not have to call us every other day. We'll educate, teach and document our work in order for you to feel safe and secure when we're out of the door. Obviously, we'll be happy to stay and help, but projects closes and resources change along the way.


  • Front-end: React, Angular, html5, scss/sass/less
  • Back-end: PHP, Node.js, .Net Core, Java
  • Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Postgres, MongoDb
  • Environments: Apache, Nginx, Azure, AWS


Once you know your challenges, you'll need to figure out how to address them. Our architects have many years of experience designing solutions in close collaboration with domain experts (you).

Project Managers

ITIL certified project managers will help you focus on what's important and guide your project surely from specification through delivery and launch.

Our knowhow spans from backend developers within machine learning, PHP, .NET and data warehouses to project managers with strong experience with implementing ITIL. We're even able to review your entire IT setup or software architecture.

We strive to prove our value on every project, every day and every hour - and we've done so with clients such as:

  • Green Mobility
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Widex
  • Top Danmark

Want us to support your development teams? Give us a call and we'll find just the right match for your needs.