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Kim Andersen

Kim Andersen

Core Developer

Filmmaker, Director, Artist and secret flowershop owner: To call Kim a jack of all trades would certainly be an understatement.

He's got the thing, that others are hunting for all their life, experience. With that and his kind, warm persona, he brightens every day at the office - also from home! Motown kind of guy. He’s our silver fox with a golden heart and the energy of a teenager. We could go on tell you about what a great guy he is, but it needs to be mentioned that he is actually also VERY good at his job too. No wonder, when you have that many talents, you can do about just everything.

3 (Fun)Facts about
Kim Andersen

    I have once bought a flower shop for my girlfriend.
    I have been around IT since CD-Rom and floppy disk.
    I have never watched a James Bond movie.

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