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Kjetil Nordin

Kjetil Nordin

External Consultant

Where to start with Kjetil? We'll get to the part about SMB3 carpets and skydiving, but let's keep it professional for now!

Kjetil is [how he works] [what does he work with].

Yeah, and then there the part about, how he broke the internet with his uniquie approach to crocheting and the sheer fact, that he is starring death in the eye as an hobby!

2 (Fun)Facts about
Kjetil Nordin

    I am a world-famous crochet artist
    I am multiple times Danish and Norwegian champion in formation skydiving

Biggest internet achievement?

I was number one globally on Reddit’s front page once and got featured on Boredpanda for my Super Mario Crocheting!

Are you our new collegue?

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