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Lucas Nielsen

Lucas Nielsen


Lucas by all means a wonderchild of IT. Highly skilled, passionate and absolutely dedicated, once he tasted blood.

Electro-Scooting through the city on his way to the office, Lucas may be the last to arrive on the scene, but he sure as heck is also the last to leave. Both his dedication and his freshman passion inspires so many of us old kartellists and it a real joy to have him around.

3 (Fun)Facts about
Lucas Nielsen

    I made my first small game at age 12
    I can solve multiple Rubik's Cubes
    I have been top #25 nationally in a rhythm game called "osu!"

Biggest internet achievement?

I developed a special music player software called Toxen, which has almost 100 downloads.

Are you our new collegue?

At IT Kartellet, we are always interested in recruiting new, exciting people. We are looking for talent and passion over fancy degrees or titles.

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