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Malte Fischer

Malte Fischer

UX/UI Designer

From Danish/German origin, Malte brings the best of both worlds to the kartel: Efficency and Hygge.

His heart overflows with a burning passion for great user experiences, flawless design and ambitious projects. You can see the fire glow in his eyes when talking about UI/UX design, typography or just changing the world in general. Malte is an idealist, who questions the status quo and thinks outside all boxes.


3 (Fun)Facts about
Malte Fischer

    I am crazy about bicycles and as of now, my collection consists of 5 bikes, but there is always room for one more.
    Back in Highschool, I was the lead singer & guitarist of a punk band called “Sex Robots”. It was exactly as you imagine!
    I have been an active fingerboarder since I was 17, annoying everyone around me. From parents, teachers, collegues to various girlfriends.

Biggest internet achievement?

The absolute rare, grainy live footage of my all time favorite band has only 273 views on YouTube - 250 of that are mine!



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