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Mikkel Djurhuus

Mikkel Djurhuus

Unity Tech Lead

Shorts & Shirts, shoes are optional. Mikkel is the real viking at the Kartel and sure as heck, he is a brilliant mind as well.

“I just wanna code” pretty much sums it up. Mikkel is our tech lead on Unity projects and it is both the technology and how to solve a problem, which drives him. It’s hard to find people as dedicated as Mikkel and so far we still haven’t been able to give him a technical issue he couldn’t solve. A big heart for his friends and family, you can always count on him as a colleague as well. He'll help you fix a problem, that you've been losing sleep over, in no time, works on his task simultaneously and will be joining the friday bar til the bitter end. Mikkel, 21st century digital viking!

3 (Fun)Facts about
Mikkel Djurhuus

    Bare feet, shorts and t-shirt is the preferred all year dress code
    Broke an arm during an armwrestling match on a ski trip. Oh, it wasn’t his own arm
    Always makes a lot of food when coming home drunk, and then going to sleep without eating it

Biggest internet achievement?

Reached 90+ pulse on 500px

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