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IT-Kartellet-case: Saxo Bank

"They are fearless, they get things done – and they help realize our visions."

At Saxo Bank, Moodle e-learning is used for courses for employees and customers. More than 1,700 employees completed courses in trading and Saxo Bank’s system, for the internal training alone. IT-Kartellet has helped develop the platform to meet Saxo Bank’s vision of a captivating, modern, and effective learning environment.

Nicholas James Whiting, Creative Director and Global Vice President of Saxo Bank, says:

When I arrived, the partners at the time had not really gotten anywhere. The whole learning project was dry and boring – and it required a very big step to reach from the starting point to the fulfillment of our vision. IT-Kartellet has been able to help us to take that big step and reach our goal. 

Our learning must be interesting and engaging. Technological avant-garde. And it certainly does not have to be the same for everyone. For example, we have worked a lot with integrated educational videos that give the student a genuine experience. They behave differently - depending on where the student is and from what medium is learned from."


The collaboration with IT-Kartellet suits us. It is informal, simple, and positive.


The collaboration with IT-Kartellet suits us. It was not easy from the start. In the beginning, for example, we had to push to get as fast a reaction time as we wanted. We make no secret of the fact that we are a demanding customer with high expectations, and we don't want a normal customer/supplier relationship. We want a real and close relationship with the partners. Therefore, we made an effort in the collaboration and talked about what we wanted from a partnership. IT-Kartellet has captured it, and now it works informally, simply, and positively. There is no bureaucracy, we can talk to the man at the top, and things will be done.”


We are not easy nor patient, and we change our minds. IT-Kartellet is keeping up.

"IT-Kartellet has succeeded in making several adjustments to Moodle's appearance, functionality, and usability. We built a road map for my vision, and the result has been good - including how they have managed to convert all notes and ideas into a living, great system. And it has happened in a process where we have not been patient to work with. As a customer we are in a rush, we get ongoing inspiration and new ideas, change meaning when opportunities open up - and they have followed our needs, met our requirements, and solved countless problems for us. What we imagine, they make into reality.”


Would you recommend IT-Kartellet to other companies?

"It's a really good question. Yes, I actually do, because they know what they're dealing with. It has been a challenge to get to where we are now. We demand enormous agility and flexibility. We want to experiment all the time. We push our partners hard and demand a lot from them. And IT-Kartellet has gradually understood that - and is delivering. We want to see how far this development can take us, and we expect that IT-Kartellet can bring us there,” concludes Nicholas James Whiting.


This is what IT-Kartellet has done for Saxo Bank

  • Developed the technological solution for Moodle's technical infrastructure for Saxo Banks Trading Academy,
  • In the configuration of the two Moodle sites, IT-Kartellet has integrated the e-learning platforms with Saxo Bank's existing Single Sign-On solution based on ADFS(1). PHP Simple SAML has been used on the Moodle page for integration with ADFS.
  • The solutions are operated from Amazon Webservice, which in terms of quality are some of the leaders in a cloud-based infrastructure.
  • IT-Kartellet handles hosting and application support of the two Moodle sites. 24/7 support is provided with a response time of 1 hour and the solution is monitored by IT-Kartellet.


About Saxo Bank

Since Saxo Bank received its status as a European bank in June 2001, the bank has quickly become a significant player in online investing. This is primarily due to the sharp focus on customer service, competitive prices, and constant focus on the development of an industry-leading trading platform.

Saxo Bank A / S is an authorized and publicly regulated Danish bank, specializing in online trading and investments across global financial markets. Saxo Bank allows private investors and institutional clients to trade Currencies, CFDs, ETFs, Equities, Futures, Options, and other derivatives through our award-winning trading platform. In addition, Saxo Bank also offers professional portfolio and asset management.


About IT-Kartellet

We are fearless digital craftspeople, who believe in informal, simple, and positive co-creation that impacts our clients.


  1. ADFS : Active Directory Federation Services

Written by

Anders Kofod-Petersen
IoT Manager

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