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Philip van Burleigh

Philip van Burleigh

Student Developer

Philip is studying Business Economics at CBS by day, but at night, he jumps into his gear and writes code like the superhero, that he is.

Although joing us during lockdown, Philip managed to get a good working rythm going and luckily, the team has been super helpful and patient with online debugging. He is a pleasure to be around with and not only his name gives away some kind of royalty: Philip's got the certain something, that make you listen, when he talks and that makes him sound convincing, even when he is just telling some randon Formula 1 fact, that no one possible can prove.

3 (Fun)Facts about
Philip van Burleigh

    I have a dutch family but I don’t know a single dutch word
    I spend my bitcoins on a USB stick, a pair of socks, and CS GO roulette. Oops
    I have broken the same tooth 7 times

Biggest internet achievement?

Made a website from scratch for a client, with two months of coding experience.

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