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Theis Rye

Theis Rye

Game Director

A dedicated team leader, a passionate gamer and quite frankly just an all around good guy: Theis is the perfect match for his position as Game Director at the Kartel.

Theis came to us as kind of a package deal, when the Kartel took over his company Goathamster Studio in 2020. We've been excited about him ever since. It was like finding money in your pockets after a long time, the cherry on top of your ice cream sunday. With his positve we can do it attiude, his natural curiosity and great talent for asking the right questions at the right time, he his the best sparring partner you could ever wish for.

3 (Fun)Facts about
Theis Rye

    My knees make a sound every time I squat
    I have 2 titanium rods in my spine
    In FPS games I jump on right mouse button

Biggest internet achievement?

Won a danish SC2 tournament back in 2011 (Best of 5)

Are you our new collegue?

At IT Kartellet, we are always interested in recruiting new, exciting people. We are looking for talent and passion over fancy degrees or titles.

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