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User Experience & User Interface

”Art itself cannot be taught, but craftsmanship can. Architects, painters, sculptors are all craftsmen in the original sense of the word.”

~ Walter Gropius

And that is exactly how we see it, 100 years after Walter Gropius started the famous Bauhaus school of Design, which laid the foundation for everything we take for granted in design today, we still believe, that the way to success is through good old craftmanship. Welcome to our Design branch! 


Although we are UX & UI designers, frontend developers, graphic designers and not architects, painters, sculptors, the approach is the same. We are craftsmen and we put our honor in the work we do. 


We help clients create growth and great user experiencesfor, by making their digital products unique, exciting and juicy. We’ll go the extra mile for awesomeness and provide a holistic 360° approach to design. We can take on the whole process, form design research, to UX review, wireframing & mockups, frontend development, from web design to design systems.  

How can I benefit from good User Experience & User Interface?

Frontend Development. Want a new feature? We’ll do the coding. 

We are specialist in developing in Angular, CSS & SASS. But don't worry, we speak other languages as well.


Concepts and refinement Wireframing & Mockups.

Need a new feature for your website or app? We got you covered, with realistic and engaging prototypes, that materialize your new idea for early testing.


UX Review and test.

Wondering why your design does not work the way you expect it to? We’ll give it a review and help you meeting your goals.


Web Accessibility Compliance

Is your Web Accessibility Compliance in order? Currently, there is a big focus on making the web more accessible and we can help you comply the law and ensure better solutions for everybody.

  • Frontend Development

    Want a new feature? We’ll do the coding. We are specialists in developing in Angular, CSS & SASS. 

  • Rapid Prototyping

    We work in cross-disciplinary teams ensuring that technical considerations are handled in the design process. We materialize ideas in order to discuss and implement.

  • Visualization

    Ideas are great, but sometimes hard to convert into specs. We handle that process by visualizing design ready to implement.

  • Information Architecture

    When was the last time you tidied up your website? We help ensure relevant content, navigation and site structures.


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We'll blog about everything tech related, from our own experiences with working with various applications, to projects we are proud of and also philosophical topics. Give it a read and get smarter!