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We love technical challenges and making new, crazy ideas real.


Our services

We provide a broad range of services, but everything is centered around software development. We see programming as an creative art, which demands a long list of specialities in order to overcome all challenges. By combining many different areas within programming we can make any technical project come to life. Select a department and learn more about, how we can help you make a difference.
IT Security
User Experience & User Interface
Advanced Data Analytics
Quantum Computing
Game Development
Robotic Process Automation
Internet of things
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Why get involved with a Cartel?

We care about you

We develop digital solutions in close collaboration with our clients to ensure value creation based on user requirements rather than technical preferences.

We are experts

and we thrive from technical challenges and shift seamless between technologies to provide guidance and cross-disciplinary solutions.

We are humans first,

developers second and proud of it! We'll work to make a differences and would rather wear a t-shirt than a suit.

We are straightforward

We don’t offer long reports and big analysis, but prefer to get down to the programming and deliver world class applications. ​

About Us

Curious about how it looks behind the scenes? Check out the team behind IT Kartellet and learn about their biggest biggest internet achievements


We'll blog about everything tech related, from our own experiences with working with various applications, to projects we are proud of and also philosophical topics. Give it a read and get smarter!